Network of Support – Global science benefits from incredible local support

Kevin Chiem, a fifth-year PhD student at UT Health San Antonio, is conducting research in the lab of Texas Biomed Professor Luis Martinez-Sobrido. Chiem received the 2022 Texas Biomed Graduate Fellowship supported by the Douglass Foundation.
The Forum and Founder’s Council teamed up to host a Skeet Shoot fundraising event for Texas Biomed in the spring.

Texas Biomed has some of the most unique and gracious groups of supporters contributing time, talent and treasure to advance the Institute’s mission. The Texas Biomedical Forum, Founder’s Council and The Argyle members are steadfast champions for local biomedical research. Their dedication and hard work to host fundraising events and grow membership results in critical funding for scholarships, equipment and research seed grants, along with general support for the Institute. The Cowles Family and the Douglass Foundation provide fellowships for talented and diverse scientists launching their biomedical research careers in San Antonio. And, thousands of individuals donate annually to support the lifesaving research happening here.

2022 Forum grants were announced in January and will support research about a wide range of infectious diseases and human health issues, including COVID-19, influenza, HIV, tuberculosis, aging and even brain-eating amoebas. Founder’s Council provided funding to support new shared research equipment, including HALO software, a powerful tool to quantitatively analyze tissue samples, and a GloMax machine that automatically detects luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance across multiple samples at the same time. Both tools enable faster, more efficient data collection for researchers throughout the Institute.

“We are so proud that our fundraising efforts enabled us to provide 10 seed grants to Texas Biomed post-doctoral fellows, staff scientists and faculty this year,” says Amelita Mauzé, President of the Forum. “We are especially pleased to support such bright, up-and-coming researchers who are making significant contributions to human health right here in San Antonio.”

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